Competition Resources

FIRST Competitions are exciting and fun! To help you get prepared for competitions, we have provided resources for you and your team!


Find FIRST events in your area, and get directly into the action!

FIRST Event Search

Volunteer at a FIRST event, and get hands on with assisting students for success!



During competitions, scouting teams is incredibly important. Below, we have made a scouting spreadsheet for use at competitions.

Velocity Vortex Scouting Spreadsheet

We also recommend printing out small papers that contain information about what your robot can do, to hand out to other teams. Things such as: The highest score you can get, what you can do in both TeleOp and Autonomous, and a bit about your strategy.



Our team has designed numerous CAD STL files to help us overcome various design challenges. Below you can find all of our available STL files!


(Insert some type of file thing where people can direct download our STL files here)


Files not working? Check out our Thingiverse here: Guzzoline CAD