2014 FTC Minibot Challenge

Minibot2Our Minibot is finished and we’ve submitted our highly creative video to FTC. Special thanks to team members Caleb and Cordell who did the final video production work.

 The Challenge from FTC

  • Create a minibot, 12″x12″x12″ or smaller, that can crawl, drive, walk, shoot, whatever you can imagine. Refer to the FTC Game Manual for guidelines on allowed parts
  • Produce a 60-second max video of your robot in action.
  • Get people to go to the playlist and vote for their favorite video by giving it a thumbs up or a comment.
  • Teams get one point for likes and two points for comments.
  • The voting deadline is May 4, 2014.
  • See more official instructions at the official FTC blog.

Please vote for the Ashebots Team 7300 on the FTC playlist

Thanks for your support!



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